Instagram created a stand-alone app called Threads for close friends to exchange messages and images. You can use these instructions to remove your Threads account without impacting your Instagram account. It is recommended to consult the most recent version of the app to ensure you have the most up-to-date instructions, as the processes may differ somewhat depending on upgrades and changes to the program.

Taking Account of Threads Off:

The Open Threads App

Launch the Threads application on your smartphone.

Configure Access Settings:

By pressing on your profile photo in the upper-left corner, you may access your profile.

Navigate to Settings:

See if you can find the settings option. Three vertical dots or a gear are typically used to symbolize this.

Privacy of Accounts:

Look for “Account Privacy” or a comparable option in the options.

Eliminate Your Profile:

Seek for a menu item labeled “Close Account” or “Delete Your Account.”

Observe the on-screen directions:

To verify the account deactivation, adhere to any on-screen directions. This can entail giving a rationale for account deletion.

Important Information

Your Instagram account won’t disappear if you remove your Threads account. Instagram and Threads are two different apps, and anything you do in one usually don’t influence the other.

Extra Advice:

Verify the Instagram settings:

To ensure that your Instagram account is unaffected, it’s a good idea to verify your account settings individually.

Updates for the App:

Updates may include changes to an app’s settings and functionalities. In order to access the most recent options, make sure you have the most recent versions of Threads and Instagram.

Keep in mind that there might have been upgrades or modifications since January 2022, and my information is based on the apps’ current status at that time. For precise instructions, always consult the most recent documentation and app versions.

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