It’s common to find that tweaking settings and forming positive habits will extend the life of your iPhone battery. Although there isn’t a single “magic trick” that fixes all battery problems, the following straightforward advice can help you get more battery life out of your iPhone:

Enhance the brightness of the screen:

Set the brightness of your screen to the proper level. Battery life can be increased by reducing brightness or turning on auto-brightness.

Turn on the Low Power Mode:

When your battery is almost empty, go to Settings and activate Low Power Mode. In order to prolong battery life, this setting decreases background activity and lowers performance.

Control App Refresh in the Background:

Turn off background app refresh for any apps that don’t need to be updated in real time. Under Settings > General > Background App Refresh, you can discover this.

Disable Push Email:

Instead of using push email, which can quickly deplete the battery, try fetching emails manually or more frequently. Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data and change this setting.

Turn off location services:

Apps that don’t require continual access to your location should have fewer location services enabled. In Settings > Privacy > Location Services, make this adjustment.

Disable Needless Notifications:

By turning off notifications for non-essential apps, you can cut down on the quantity of notifications you get. This is controllable under Settings > Notifications.

Update iOS:

Make sure the most recent version of iOS is installed on your iPhone. Updates frequently come with enhancements and optimizations that might improve battery life.

Identify Apps That Drain Batteries:

To find out which apps are using a lot of battery life, go to Settings > Battery and look at your battery usage statistics. Think about restricting usage or changing these apps’ settings.

Switch to Wi-Fi From Cellular Data:

Whenever feasible, utilize Wi-Fi rather than cellular data while connected. Generally speaking, Wi-Fi uses less energy than cellular data.

Maintain a Moderate Temperature for Your iPhone:

Steer clear of extremely hot or cold temperatures for your iPhone since these can have an impact on battery life.

Limit Motion Effects and Dynamic Wallpapers:

Additional power is needed for parallax motion effects and dynamic backgrounds. Instead, think about using static backgrounds.

Reset Configuration:

You can try resetting all settings under Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings if you’re having continuous problems with your battery. Your data won’t be erased, but the system settings will be reset.

Keep in mind that every user has different usage habits, therefore the effectiveness of these suggestions may vary depending on the user. Furthermore, the particular actions and choices may differ significantly based on the iOS version and iPhone model you own.

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