Instagram does not officially offer a method for users to download Instagram Reels via the app itself. According to Instagram’s terms of service, content cannot be downloaded without the user’s consent. Unauthorized material downloads and sharing may violate Instagram policies and intellectual property rights.

Instagram does, however, include a function that lets users store their own Reels inside the service. To save your own Instagram Reels, follow these steps:

Make a reel:

Go to the camera or start a new post when you launch the Instagram app.

Choose “Reel” and either record or submit your video.

Save for Post or Draft:

You have two options after making your Reel: post it on your profile or keep it as a draft.

Access Saved Reels:

You can access the Reel from your profile by pressing on the profile icon and choosing the “Drafts” section if you saved it as a draft.

The Reel will be shown on your profile under the “Reels” tab if you uploaded it.

Options for Access Reels:

Tap on the three dots (…) in the lower right corner of the Reel after opening it.

Delete, Share, or Save as Draft:

You have the option to share, delete, or store the reel as a draft from the settings menu.

Keep be mind that you can only store and access your own Reels using this approach. You must respect someone else’s privacy and intellectual property rights if you choose to download their Instagram reel. Before downloading or sharing someone else’s work, always get their permission.

Please be aware that Instagram may change its features and policies at any time. For the most recent advice, be sure to check the most recent information on Instagram’s official website or within the app. Furthermore, exercise caution when using unaffiliated apps or websites that make the claim to provide a method for downloading Instagram Reels, as they can breach Instagram’s terms of service and provide security hazards.

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