There was no feature in Google Photos called “Photo Stacks.” It is plausible that additional features have been added since then, though, as Google Photos is often receiving updates and new features.

If Google Photos currently has a “Photo Stacks” function, I suggest obtaining the most recent and correct information by visiting the official documentation or support pages. There might be a separate set of use cases and instructions for the functionality if it has been released.

I can give you a broad overview of how to organize images in Google images as of my most recent update, and you can see if any of these stages correspond with the “Photo Stacks” feature:

Putting Pictures in Order using Google Photos: Open Google Photos:

Open the Google Photos website on your computer or launch the Google Photos app on your mobile device.
Choose Pictures:

Select the pictures that you like to stack or arrange. By tapping and holding on a picture or by using the checkboxes, you can select numerous photographs.
Make an Album:

Putting together an album is one method of organizing pictures. Click “Create” or the “+” icon, then choose “Album.” Put the chosen pictures in the newly created album.
If folders are accessible, use them:

Folders may have been added by Google Photos as a means of organizing images. Look for the option to make folders and arrange pictures inside of them.
Looking for and Sorting:

Google Photos automatically classifies images according to objects, faces, and locations. The search bar can be used to locate particular images or groups.
Look for any updates:

Make sure the Google Photos app is the most recent version. To obtain the newest features and enhancements, check the app store on your device for updates.
If “Photo Stacks” is a new feature that was added after my last update, you can discover pertinent information in the release notes that Google supplied or in the app itself. If you’re looking for any special choices for stacking or arranging photos, you can also look via the Google Photos app’s menu or settings.

When seeking up-to-date and precise information on the features offered, it is always recommended to use the official Google Photos resources.

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