results of a Google search. It’s probable that a “Notes” feature has been added since then, though, as Google frequently releases updates and new features.

If Google has truly released a new “Notes” option for Search results, here’s a broad advice on how you may utilize it:

Update the Google App:

Verify that the version of your Google app is current. Check for updates by going to the Google app page in the app store on your device.

Launch a Google search:

Use your computer to visit the Google Search website or launch the Google app on your mobile device.

Conduct a Lookup:

Run a search query as you would ordinarily.

Examine the Search Results:

Look for an icon or option labeled “Notes” next to the search results. This could take the shape of an icon, button, or dedicated area where you can take notes about a certain search.

Obtain the Note-Taking Interface:

To access the note-taking interface, press the corresponding option if there is a “Notes” function.

Make and Store Notes:

You ought to have the ability to make and store notes about your search right within the note-taking interface. This can entail storing data, URLs, or excerpts from the search results.

Sync Between Devices (if relevant):

To view your notes on various devices, make sure you’re connected into your Google account if the “Notes” function enables for cross-device syncing.

Handle and Modify Notes:

Explore options to organize and edit your notes. This could involve the capacity to arrange notes, incorporate labels, and make necessary revisions.

Look through the Google Help Resources:

If you need assistance locating or utilizing the “Notes” feature, consult Google’s official documentation or support pages. This could contain particular guidelines and advice.

Please be aware that depending on your region, the app version, and whether a feature has been rolled out internationally, its functionality and availability may change. For the most accurate and recent information, I advise visiting the official Google blog, announcements, or the app’s release notes if Google added a new “Notes” feature since my last update.

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