Collaborative playlists have long been available on Apple Music. Multiple people can edit and contribute to collaborative playlists. For the most up-to-date information, I advise consulting the most recent Apple Music documentation or support resources, should there have been additions or modifications since then. Here’s how to make a collaborative playlist on Apple Music as of my most recent update:

Making a Shareable Apple Music Playlist:

Launch Apple Music:

Launch iTunes on your PC or the Apple Music app on your iOS device.

Make a Fresh Playlist:

Make a new playlist to begin. To make a new playlist on iOS, select the “Library” menu, then “Playlists,” and finally hit the “+” symbol. Open iTunes and select “File” > “New” > “Playlist.”

Give the playlist a name:

Give a name to your playlist.

Make it cooperative:

This is the critical action. When making the playlist on iOS, turn the “Collaborative” switch to green. Right-click the name of the playlist in iTunes and choose “Get Info.” Select the “Collaborative Playlist” option from the Info menu.

Add Music:

Begin compiling your playlist with songs. To accomplish this, search through the Apple Music catalog for songs, then add them to your playlist.

Request Contributors:

To extend an invitation to collaborators on the playlist, on iOS, press the three dots (…) adjacent to the playlist and choose “Edit.” After that, select “Invite to Collaborate.” Right-click the playlist on iTunes, then choose “Share” > “Invite to Collaborate.”

Contributors Accept Invitation:

An invitation to work together on the playlist will be extended to contributors. They can change the playlist’s song order, add, or remove tracks after they agree.

Control Participants:

You have the ability to manage contributors as the playlist’s owner. On iOS, to manage contributors, press “Edit” on the playlist, followed by “Collaborators”. Right-click the playlist in iTunes, choose “Get Info,” and then select the “Info” option.

Modify the Playlist:

The playlist can be edited by collaborators who want to add, remove, or rearrange music. Every contributor will see the adjustments.

Playlist Sharing:

You can share your collaborative playlist with others once it’s ready. On iOS, tap the “Share” button; in iTunes, right-click and choose “Share.”

Please be aware that processes and features may have changed since my previous knowledge update. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, consult the most recent Apple Music documentation or support resources.

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