Using the emoji picker that is integrated into the program is usually the best way to discover the appropriate emoji on WhatsApp. There might not be a special “trick” for finding emojis, but the following advice will help you make good use of WhatsApp’s emoji picker:

Emoji Selector:

To use the emoji picker while typing a message on WhatsApp, simply tap the emoji symbol on the keyboard.

Lookup Function:

In WhatsApp, the emoji picker contains a search function. You can locate the search bar at the bottom of the emoji panel. Enter a term (such as “smile,” “heart,” or “cat”) to retrieve pertinent emojis.

Just Used:

Emojis that have been used recently usually appear at the top of the emoji selector. You may find this section useful if you use certain emojis a lot.


Emojis (such as smileys, animals, and food) are frequently categorized. Search through these categories to locate the specific emoji you’re looking for.

Often Employed:

Emojis that you frequently use may be shown in WhatsApp’s “Frequently Used” section.

Different Emojis:

There are variants or skin tone possibilities for several emojis. Emojis can be tapped and held to see different variations.

GIFs and stickers:

Apart from emoticons, WhatsApp also allows GIFs and stickers. For elements that are more expressive, you can investigate these possibilities.

Intermediary Keyboard:

You can also make use of the search and emoji recommendation functions if you’re using a third-party keyboard.

Please be aware that updates may bring changes to WhatsApp’s specific features and layout. Make sure your app is up to date by looking for updates in the app store on your smartphone if you’re having trouble locating emojis.

These pointers should make it easier for you to search for and browse through emojis on WhatsApp as of my most recent update. I advise referring to the official WhatsApp documentation or support resources for the most recent details if there have been any noteworthy modifications or the addition of new features since then.

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